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Improve Your Drinking Water

With the help of a Culligan Aqua Clear Reverse Osmosis System, you can remove impurities and give your family purer, cleaner drinking water.Because think about it…don’t you want your family to drink the healthiest water possible?

But RO water does more than just improve your drinking water. It improves everything that you add water to!

  • Makes better-tasting coffee & tea
  • Creates crystal-clear ice cubes
  • Better cooking water for soups, pasta, & more
  • RO water is healthier for your pets, too!

And best of all, we’ll install your RO unit right underneath the sink–so you can get your delicious new purified water right from the sink.

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Culligan Reverse Osmosis Systems Reduce*:

Substance Average Reduction
Pentavalent Arsenic 98%
Barium 90%
Cadmium 96.4%
Hexavalent Chromium 86.6%
Trivalent Chromium 85.7%
Copper 98.2%
Cyst 99.99%
Fluoride 92.8%
Lead 98.1%
Nitrate 80%
Nitrite 75.8%
Radium 226/228 80%
Selenium 93.9%

Improve Your Home's Water

hard water staining
A Culligan Water Softener will help prevent hard-water stains like this in your kitchen & bathrooms

With a Aquasential Select Water Softener from Culligan, you’ll enjoy the benefits of sediment-free soft water throughout your entire home!

  • Dishes will be cleaner, without those smudges caused by hard water
  • No more hard water stains around your faucets!
  • According to the University of New Mexico, softened water can reduce hot water heating costs nearly 30%.
  • The Battelle Institute revealed that soap usage can be cut by up to 75%!
  • Plumbing and Fixtures will be free of hard water build-up.
  • Clothes won’t fade or lose color as quickly.
  • Towels will stay fuller and fluffier.
  • Appliances will last longer.

In short, a water softener removes all the water sediment that can damage your home.

Not only that…did you know a Culligan Water Softener can generally pay for itself in savings by prolonging the lifespan of all your water-using appliances?

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