Commercial Reverse Osmosis System for Your Houston Business

HANS™ Premium Water by Culligan® Premium Water Appliance Model 2 is the first water treatment solution of its kind.

Introducing a tankless*, salt-free, high-capacity water system that removes up to 99% of contaminants -- and its capacity allows it to work in most applications, including residential, commercial, industrial, agriculture and healthcare. 


  • Removes up to 99% of contaminants
  • Post calcite filter adding the right amount of minerals for taste and pH balance
  • Built-in sensors monitor performance, sending data to the HANS™ App
  • High-turbulence micro-burst flush feature automatically cleans the system daily

For commercial and other high-end applications, multiple HANS Premium Water Appliances by Culligan® can be installed in parallel. This can drastically reduce downtime as one unit can be taken offline for service without disrupting water flow, keeping your business running. 

The Four-Stage System For HANS™ Premium Water by Culligan® Commercial Reverse Osmosis Filter 

1. Removes sediment and debris

2. Removes chlorine, chloramines and sulfur

3. Removes lead, arsenic, PFAS, iron**, hardness**, and a host of other contaminants

4. Reintroduces minerals for pH balance and better taste

**input levels outside of device may require pretreatment such as a water softener or iron breaker. 

Product Features

  • Easy installation -- three connection points for inlet water, clean water out and reject water out
  • Removable lid and side panels and quick release pin system make filter and membrane changes easy. 
  • Heavy-duty molded housing provides quiet operation indoors and long-lasting protection outdoors. 
  • Variable-speed pump automatically adjusts speed depending on water demand. It uses less power and is more efficient than single-speed pumps. 
  • Intuitive touch screen constantly monitors water quality and usage, provides data on filter life, incoming and outgoing TDS levels and water pressure. 
  • Wireless communication via mobile app and Wi-Fi enabled firmware updates. 


*Additional storage capacity may be required depending on individual demand or high-volume usage. 

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